To achieve the best possible outcome, no matter the task, you always need to bring your best self, mentally and physically. This is why King of Spades exists: to help you fulfill your true ambitions.


A healthier body

King of Spades helps maximize your efforts in the gym and fight ageing and environmental toxins by optimizing your androgen balance, increasing metabolism and decreasing cell damage.

Sharper focus and memory

Be at your absolute best mentally by decreasing inflammation and stimulating blood flow in the brain, resulting in higher productivity, better memory, and clearer focus.

Always energized

Experience steady flow of masculine energy and vitality throughout the day by reducing blood pressure, oxidative stress and cardiovascular risks, allowing you to be active and unrelenting.



With the ever-expanding responsibilities and ever-conquering demands of being a successful gentleman comes the need to be able to push your mental and physical potential to the absolute limits on a daily basis. But increasing daily stresses, extremely fast-paced lives and unavoidable biological and biochemical risks make it harder than ever to perform at the very top level.

In additon, often less-than-healthy food choices and inevitable chronic low-level inflammation take their toll on your body, mind and overall wellbeing.

King of Spades is expertly crafted to specifically address the health hurdles in the life of a modern, high-performing gentleman, so that you can carry on being your best self in every single day: fitter, more focused and always energized.


King of Spades consists of only natural ingredients which have been shown to have notable beneficial effects on men’s health in peer-reviewed clinical studies. This timeline explains when the benefits of specific ingredients have been shown to be present according to studies*.

The start of your journey

Start your transformation by taking a total of four allergen-free King of Spades capsules a day, follow a healthy diet plan and exercise regularly.

1st month

Positive effects on androgen levels, responsible for concentration, mood, bone- and muscle strength, through d-aspartic acid and zinc. Better body weight management, reduced inflammation and oxidative stress through resveratrol and grape seed extract.

2nd month

A significant effect on muscle strength and overall body composition through fenugreek extract, alongside important contributions to heart health through resveratrol and ginger extract.

3rd month

Serious improvements to the reproductive system and fertility by d-aspartic acid and ginger extract. The effects of decreasing inflammation and optimised hormonal balance from previous months keep building up.


To keep your elevated performance levels from dropping, we suggest maintaining daily use of King of Spades. Moreover, some all-important effects on memory and processing speed from zinc and resveratrol only reveal themselves after five months of administration.

Pick your option

Choose, which plan suits your lifestyle the best


The ingredients in our natural body and mind enhancer are sourced from plantations and factories that comply with the highest standards of quality and which undergo regular inspection by third-party laboratories.

King of Spades body and mind enhancers are encapsulated and precision-crafted under strict supervision at GMP-licensed pharmaceutical laboratories in the European Union.