I'm Mikk-Alvar Olle, the founder of King of Spades, an entrepreneur, a national level athlete, a husband and a father of two. I established King of Spades for one reason only - to be able to keep performing at my very best and regain my health.

The origins of King of Spades

Our founder's story

I'm Mikk-Alvar Olle, the founder of King of Spades, an entrepreneur, a national level athlete, a husband and a father of two. I established King of Spades for one reason only - to be able to keep performing at my very best and regain my health.

Like millions of men...

At the age of 30, I realized that my energy levels and ability to focus and retain information had declined. My progress in sport had halted, my performance was suffering, and a general tiredness was holding me back. It was a powerful recipe for stress and overall discontent. I was no longer able to give my all to my professional life and lacked the energy to go after my dreams. This hit me hard. As an employer and a husband, I had huge responsibilities and I couldn't allow this to happen.

I wanted to stop this feeling of falling behind and continue being a truly high performance person. This is why I went to the doctor to get my health markers measured and understand what was happening to me. I was in for an unpleasant surprise - despite being active, and pursuing a healthy lifestyle my whole life, my doctor told me that my blood results looked like those of a 65 year old man. My hormonal balance was upside down, inflammation was high and fertility markers were down to a point where the doctor said I might never have kids of my own. I was ageing at almost double the pace and on the verge of becoming a total wreck.

"A disturbingly strong trend among high-performers,"

...my doctor told me. "Men's lives are nowadays flooded with stress, responsibilities and a lack of time and they have lost the ability to listen to their bodies to stop and recuperate. Men have to realize that their biochemistry isn't made for that, especially when they are out of their mid-20's. You have to slow down."

But I didn't want to slow down. I just wanted my performance and energy levels back. Having declined the dangerous subscription medicines and after trying a lot of natural remedies on offer, I soon discovered that market is full of fake products with questionable ingredients that do more damage than good.

I realized that if I wanted to feel as strong, focused and energized as I did in my early twenties, without the help of dangerous subscription drugs, I had to really figure this out for myself.

I decided that only the best would be good enough, and luckily I was in a position to commission a motivated team of biochemists to come up with an all-natural herbal supplement design, and they used me as their guinea pig.

My instructions were clear:

We sourced the best quality ingredients, and made an agreement with a fully licensed pharmaceutical factory in Europe to produce a small run of only couple of hundred products. After three months of use I was thoroughly impressed with my results – my androgen levels had increased by 57%, inflammation levels were down to normal and fertility markers had improved three-fold.

But most importantly, I felt like I was in my twenties again. I achieved my best physical shape ever, and felt strong, powerful and energized, and was able to hold a stronger focus. Because of this, my professional and personal life improved drastically and I was able to handle stress much, much better. Just only a couple of months later I found out that I was going be a father. That was an eye-opener for me. It’s shocking to see that sometimes we men don’t realize how broken something is, until we get it fixed.

King of Spades worked.

As we got more men from different age groups in our testing program we recorded similar results, alongside reports of improved body composition, health and overall physical and mental performance.

Therefore, I decided launch it as a product to help other high-performing men, who want to be at their very best on a daily basis, on a broader scale.

Continue excelling in what’s really important to you

It takes one to know one. I’m sure that you as a high performer share the values that King of Spades is built on. Like me, you want to stay on top of your game and go achieve what you’ve always wanted in life. This is, after all, what we true gentlemen are supposed to do – to explore, to conquer, to succeed.

This is why I encourage you to give King of Spades a try, because I know that 3 months from now, you will be healthier, more productive and have the energy to be in full command of your life and goals. I know I am.

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