1 Month supply
1 Month supply1 Month supply1 Month supply

KING OF SPADES | 1 Month supply

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The One Month Supply is a great way to start your King of Spades journey towards rediscovering your true natural potential. While one month is a little too short a duration to reveal the maximum benefits of the supplement, it's perfect for experiencing the initial positive effects, quality and level of improvement with minimal commitment. After the One Month Supply, we recommend moving on to either the Three Month Supply or the Maintenance plan to receive the optimal benefit from King of Spades. 

The One Month Supply consists of one box of King of Spades, containing 88 capsules. One box lasts for 22 days, after which it is recommended to abstain for eight days before starting with a new box, in order to prevent the body from building up tolerance.

Nutrition facts

Resveratrol 200mg
Fenugreek Extract 400mg
D-Aspartic Acid 2000mg
Grape Seed Extract 150mg
Ginger Extract 150mg
Zinc 15mg

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